Landscape Design and Installation Services

Robert and his team can work closely with you to create, and fill a space to your our exact specifications. He has over 20 years of experience in the field and can assist clients in creating a plan to add trees, bushes, fountains or even stonework; turning that creepy corner of your yard into an inviting place to fill with furniture and family. Robert can also help you find the best outdoor furniture options to fill your space and make it feel like home.

Use any of our beautiful stones to create the perfect backyard
Already have an idea? Bring it in and we can go over it with you and create a plan. Visit Gardner's and fill out a design and installation form. From then, Robert will go over the form, and schedule a time to meet with you. Handpicked trees, shrubs, or stonework will be chosen specifically to fit you ideas. After a plan is formed, Gardner's will then work out a time to come and transform your space! A few simple steps is all it takes to create a space that makes you truly happy. 
Gardner's has a wonderful selection of outdoor furniture to delicately finish your yard. We want you to enjoy your entertainment area, with comfortable seating, sun blocking umbrellas, or a fire pit. Whether you are planning on purchasing new patio furniture, replacing fabric or cushions on existing furniture or adding a new piece, we carry everything you need for your perfect outdoor space. 

Aluminum Furniture is sophisticated and modern, offering durability and lightweight practicality. The pieces are made of extruded aluminum which is shaped into a frame then painted through an electrostatic process for a baked-on, rustproof finish. The seat is available as a cushion of draylon fabric with ultra violet inhibitors to prevent fading and polyester fiber fill which drains and dries quickly. An alternative is a sling of taxiplane, a synthetic fabric that is cool to sit on and dries out quickly.

Cast Aluminum Furniture is melted aluminum poured into a mold then cooled and finished providing longevity and reliability. This process allows for more detail in the design. Available in a wide array of designs, cast aluminum is used in elegant dining furniture and tables, sofas and chairs of many sizes.

Wrought Iron Furniture is steel material heated and shaped to form the frame. The finish is baked-on using an electrostatic process. Available in a range of colors and styles, wrought iron is a durable, stylish, and beautiful choice.

Wicker Furniture is meticulously woven in either wood or synthetic vinyl to form a fabric which is placed on a wood or durable aluminum frame. Wooden wicker is for indoors or a protected area while vinyl wicker on an aluminum frame can be used in all types of weather.

Wood Furniture is a popular choice for your outdoor living. Teak has a wonderful golden brown color that can be maintained with yearly applications of teak-colored preservative or if left untreated, teak furniture gradually ages and weathers to a soft gray. The extremely tight grain of teak is makes it resistant to water damage and insect infestation.

Gardner’s Landscape Nursery carries the best lines of furniture, umbrellas and fabrics available.