About us

At Gardner’s, our goal is to offer homeowners a wide variety of high quality plants. In fact, we take great pride in the thousands of annuals and perennials we grow each year in an effort to bring you the newest, healthiest and most successful plants to enhance your garden.
Creating the perfect place to relax outside and enjoy with your family can be a challenge but we’ll make it a rewarding process. Bring us your ideas and we can work together to get it just right. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will be happy to advise you on the best plant, shrub or tree for a particular spot or condition.
The sizes and variety of plants and trees we carry are sure to fit your landscape needs. If a plant is larger than you feel comfortable handling, our landscape crew is available to help with installation. Whether your home is set in the shade under a canopy of trees or on a sunny hill open to the beautiful countryside, we’ll help you create the garden of your dreams, one that will give you fall color, winter texture and spring and summer greenery.
Robert Gardner, a fourth-generation nurseryman, has devoted his life to growing beautiful plants and creating eye-catching landscape designs. Raised on the family nursery in Bryn Mawr, he was helping in the fields and selling plants at age 13. Years of training gave Robert the experience he needed to run the family business for 20 years. In 1998 he purchased the property in Chester Springs, now known as Gardner’s Landscape Nursery, where he oversees growing hundreds of thousands of annuals and perennials. He then chooses the healthiest nursery stock, functional patio furniture, and tasteful home décor for his customers.
As gifted landscape designer, Robert works with clients to develop a plan for trees, shrubs and plants that create the perfect environment to complement their home. His knowledge and expertise allow him to choose the best varieties of plants, styles of water features and stonework for any effect.